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Providing crypto consulting services for Beginners, to Intermediate, to Experts who wish to expand knowledge in web 3.0

why us

we have skin in the game

and learned the hard way

If you have found us, you have likely been struggling just like we did years ago, on how to navigate this quantum paced technological world. We are here to help

It can be a difficult experience to learn things the hard way in this space. It feels horrible to get scammed, or lose money to exchanges that shut down. There are successful projects, and many that fail. We have learned from this and will work with you to avoid similar challenges.

Having an experienced guide when learning to manage your crypto can save countless hours and potentially costly mistakes. Learn to comfortably protect coins and NFTs on portfolios from 1000 dollars to 1 million+, protect multi million dollar portfolios or treasuries, and feel confident in your security.

Fundamental Principles

We do not offer financial advice or tell you what to invest in, or what to buy

Our purpose is to help you become self-sufficient in navigating this ecosystem and managing your own portfolio and wealth

We want to help you understand all of the aspects necessary to succeed in this market so that you can feel confident with your journey into crypto and become self-sufficient to the point where you do not have to come back for further assistance.

Should you choose to pursue further consultations or lessons with us, of course, we are here to help.

Our Mission - To understand the necessary components to navigating Crypto. Protect your assets. Avoid scams or costly mistakes.


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