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Services created as things we all wish we knew throughout the process. Learn from our mistakes instead of making costly mistakes of your own


Conclave VIP


Want to be a part of the Conclave, join the community, and get discounted consultations and assistance? If you think you might need continued assistance with different steps or sectors in this market, this tier is for you.

Huge value

low cost
  • Market updates
  • Keep up with tech
  • learn from experts

Ecosystem Navigator

basic set &


Level one

This level is for the person who simply wants to gain exposure to the crypto markets, and set it and forget it.

Exchanges are based on your location — US-Coinbase, Canada-Shakepay

Information Covered: Exchanges, Wallets, Stable Coins, Security, Portfolio Tracking, Cashing Out.


  • Up to 2 hours, or until we are done
  • Basic Security
  • Ranging from $50 to $10,000 accounts


  • Up to 4 hours, or until we are done
  • Vault level security
  • accounts ranging from $10,000+

Ecosystem Navigator


Level two

This package is for the person who wishes to gain exposure to the crypto markets, set up accounts and exchanges, wallets, learn about all of the tools needed to navigate the different blockchain ecosystems.

Information Covered: Exchanges, DEX’s, Stable Coins, Smart Contracts, Blockchains, Hot wallets, Cold Storage, Bridges, Block explorers, Information aggregators, Staking, NFT’s, Portfolio Trackers, Sim card protection, Phone and Identity Security, Cashing out.


  • Up to 6 hours, or until we are done
  • Basic security
  • Accounts from $500- $10,000


  • up to 8 hours, or until we are done
  • Vault level security
  • Accounts ranging from $1000 to $ $100,000+

focused Classes

Level 1 or Level 2 Ecosystem Navigator RECOMMENDED, but not required, before advanced classes.

NFT 101

So you’ve heard about that new NFT project and you want in, but you don’t want to learn about crypto. Let us help you acquire the NFT, secure it, set it and forget it. 

NFT 101 – Buying and selling, or holding. Navigating marketplaces, making offers, storing in safe and secure setups, secure Vaults that you can feel confident protecting anywhere from $1000 in NFTs to $1 Million+ in NFTs, or Multi-Sig wallets for additional extra-secure vaults on your assets. 

Bronze Package

  • NFT 101
  • up to 2 hours, or until we are done
  • What is an NFT?
  • Purchasing
  • Hot Wallets
  • Marketplaces
  • Transactions
  • Contract addresses
  • Viewing
  • Transfers
  • Security
  • Cashing Out

Silver Package

  • NFT 101
  • up to 5 hours, or until we are done
  • Philosophy
  • What is the long term Vision of NFT Potential
  • Terminology
  • Offers
  • Minting
  • Statistics

Gold Package

  • NFT Mastery
  • up to 8 hours, or until we are done
  • silver package +
  • Utility & Philosophy
  • Tools
  • Rarity
  • Snipers
  • Flipping
  • Cold Storage Vaults

DEFI 101



Decentralised Finance explores 21st century Financial tools

This package is for the person with an interest in earning passive income by locking up capital in yield earning crypto protocols called DeFi (Decentralised Finance). There are different levels of risk tolerance in earning yield on coins and some are much safer than others. 

  • Staking stable coins for low risk passive income
  • LP pools and LP farming - Two coin/token staking
  • Learn to protect yourself from Impermanent Loss




· Receive assistance with setting up your security system and backups. Coins or NFTs.

· Hot wallets, Cold storage, Decoy Wallets, Vaults, Multi-Sig wallets, NFTs

· Find confidence securing a portfolio of $1000 to multi-millions

· Protect phone and identity from hacking

· Learn how to avoid and protect yourself from scams and hacks

Starting price based on needs. Variable contract, to suit clients needs and portfolio size


Want to play 21 questions? Book time and we can do a deep dive on a specific topic, or you can rapid fire as many questions as you would like.