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Bitcoin is software. It is a massive network of computing power that makes up a decentralized transaction network in the form of a digital ledger that can be verified by anyone and everyone.

  • Bitcoin was the first cryptocurrency that solved the double spend problem. Which means that the same digital token cannot be spent more than once. Bitcoin has an unfathomably large amount of Hash power behind it, which makes it the most secure network on the planet.
  • Crypto is the technology that enables peer to peer transactions which are then recorded in a digital ledger.
  • Web 3.0 refers to all of the “DAPPs” (Decentralized Apps) that are making up the new version of the internet
  • Crypto is a broad term to refer to peer to peer transaction networks that allow us to send and receive value anywhere in the world. Fundamentally, they are decentralized, censorship resistant, unconfiscatable, digital ledgers.
  • Crypto offers anyone the opportunity to participate in a global digital financial ecosystem.
  • Very much so. Value is Value. As a group of people, we give Inter-Subjective value to anything that we hold in high demand.