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I believe what we do with our money, should be our choice.

And ours alone.

In 2015 I started to get really tired of working construction and trade jobs from one project to the next. I had amassed some student debt from multiple trips to college and at the time I was feeling a bit helpless. I came to the conclusion that if I wanted to truly have freedom of time and financial freedom, that I had to understand money much better than I did, and learn to manage my money like the rich did, even though I didn’t have any at the time.

So I dove into books about investing and trading. Stocks, TFSA’s, index funds, portfolio allocation, risk management, timeframes, risk tolerance. I devoured as much information as I could on finances, real estate, business, taxes, accounting.

This exploration of investment vehicles and cash producing assets led me to Crypto in 2017. I was walking through the business books section and at the end of the row was the book ‘The Age of Cryptocurrency’. When I was young, I was quite adept at Halo 2 Team Slayer. My gamertag, feared by all…. was CryptoQuadnuts. I didn’t even know what cryptography was at the time I saw the book. The word connection struck a deep curiosity and I was instantly hooked.

I started to learn everything I could about Bitcoin and Ethereum and became absolutely fascinated with the ideas of decentralization, censorship resistance, non-inflationary, and sound money. The idea of removing the barrier to investment vehicles and allowing each individual the same opportunity to buy a high reward asset is a powerful one. 

What we do with our money, should be our choice. And ours alone.

In 2017, amidst one of the wildest bull runs I have ever seen, I finally had made some money, and I went all in. I had full conviction in the potential of this technology, and nothing would convince me otherwise.

And so began a journey of many mistakes, successes, high’s and lows. I have studied the intricacies of many types of blockchains, consensus algorithms and market tools. I have spent many long hours figuring out and testing, transacting with different wallets on different networks, using Decentralized exchanges, bridging, cold storage security, vaults, Decentralized Finance (DeFi protocols) and passive income through staking. As well as NFT’s, art, music and gaming. 

I’ve made great trades and horrible trades. I’ve been scammed, and lost money to exchanges that shut down. I’ve been in successful projects and failed ones. I’ve learned from all this and will teach it to you.

I’ve learned to manage my money, and learned to comfortably protect coins and NFTs on portfolios from $1000 to 1 Million+, protect multi million dollar portfolios or treasuries with multi-sig wallets and cold storage. 

I have now given the services offered here to many people that have integrated crypto into their lives very effectively and consulted to many many more people on beginning their journey.

I took control of my own finances and the assets that I choose to store and grow Value in, and my life was forever changed.

I took control of my own finances

and my life was forever changed

I believe in

and I want that for


~Sean aka. Nynjah

founder & mentor

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I started my learning/training in finance in May 2018 when I was 49,564$ in debt. I worked with two financial firms for a year and a half each. During this time I learned about traditional finance and appreciate all the mentors and coworkers that helped me grow. I heard about crypto like everyone else, I had a couple friends that got insane returns from Bitcoin during the 2013 and 2017 bull runs. Though, I did not understand or care to understand until 2018 when I was neck deep in debt and wanted to change my life. 

I started at my first firm as an intern part time and enrolled in all the courses they offered, as well as self study at home via podcasts, YouTube, books, audiobooks, etc. I started investing into the traditional stock market on a monthly basis with my bank’s self directed investment account. I left my first firm when I had enough knowledge to understand they were educating their customers enough to take advantage of them but not enough to make them financially literate.

The second firm I worked with was an ethical firm that worked with the customers to get them as financially literate as the customers wanted. I was making progress with this company and I had begun a door to door campaign with the primary goal to financially educate Canadians. Selling the products/services of the company I worked for was and is my secondary goal. Early 2020 when Covid first hit I moved to an online networking approach. At the same time I started studying crypto and by the fall of 2021 I resigned from the company and was working full time, studying and investing into crypto.

My passion for finances stems from the fact that financially savvy people cannot be taken advantage of as easily. I’ve been educating anyone that has been unfortunate enough to get stuck talking to me for more than 5 minutes, this includes baristas, waiters and best believe all family members. I look forward to working with you, and helping you achieve whatever your goals may be. 

I want to help you achieve your

financial goals

~Cody aka Kodiak

conclave team

We are so confident in our ability to make your journey into crypto exponentially more stress free, that if you are not satisfied with the service we have provided, you are entitled to a full refund.

Allow us to save you countless hours of researching, trial and error, potential scams, mistakes, and security flaws.